Undergraduate Minor in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies

This page describes the Minor American Sign Language and Deaf Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Specific questions should be addressed to Jami Fisher.

Here is the link to the ASL/Deaf Studies Undergraduate Minor web-site: http://web.sas.upenn.edu/asl-deafstudies/asldeaf-studies-minor/



American Sign Language and Deaf Studies offers an interdisciplinary course sequence founded in language, content, and theory-based courses from a variety of fields and disciplines. The ASL program works in collaboration with the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in the Germantown section of Philadelphia and the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre in Swarthmore, PA to develop meaningful partnership activity for the benefit of all involved. One outcome of these collaborative relationships manifests in a research-based capstone course, Academically Based Community Service in ASL and Deaf Studies -- LING 1033 (077), which provides opportunities for research and practice in a deaf community setting.


New 4-digit numbering system begins Fall 2022. Old number in parenthesis.



To receive a minor, a student must complete six course units, as specified below.

  • Advanced ASL Content and Theory Courses (2):
    • Ling 1030 (075): ASL V, or Ling 1031 (076): Deaf Literature, Performance, Art, and Film, 


    • Ling 1032 (078): Deaf Culture
  • Linguistics Courses (2):
    • Ling 0001 (001) Introduction to Linguistics
    • Ling 0600 (102) Introduction to Sociolinguistics
  • Capstone ABCS Course (1):
    • Ling 1033 (077): ABCS in ASL and Deaf Studies
  • Cross-Disciplinary Electives (1):
    • LING 2047 (247):  Structure of ASL (offered Spring 2014)
      LING 1100 (110):  Language Change
      LING 2700 (270): Language Acquisition
      ENGL 105.401: Disability Narratives
      PSYC 435-301: Seminar: Psycholinguistics
      NURS 315: Sociocultural Influences on Health (Nursing)
      BE 225: Biomedical Engineering (SEAS)
      PSYC 481:  Seminar on Language Acquisition
      PSYC 151:  Language and Thought
      BIOE 551: Narrative Ethics: Medicine and Literature
      BIOE 551: Digital Media, Disability Technology, and Bioethics
      BIOE 551: Introduction to Medical Humanities
      BIOE 550: Neuroethics
      BIOE 550: Disability Studies and Bioethics

(other courses may be eligible upon departmental review)


Study Abroad:

Outside Penn: Siena School for Liberal Arts (Summer or Spring, 1CU)
Outside Penn: Gallaudet University study (1CU)